Sisters. Students. Makers

The two oldest of four sisters (one for each season!), Mary Helen and Sarah grew up constantly creating. Drawing, painting, knitting, spinning, weaving, sculpting, mosaic, screenprinting, lots of sewing… between the two of them, it would seem they had dabbled in just about everything.

But, being 4 years apart in age – they had never taken an art class together!

That changed in mid 2018 when Sarah signed up for a ceramics class at the local arts center and encouraged Mary Helen to join her. Both were immediately hooked and never wanted to go back to life without art class again! They get together as often as possible, children underfoot and all, to play with clay and inspire each other.

They decided to open a shop to share their growing pile of handiwork while helping to pay for courses and supplies. Here, you’ll find many of their creations from home and class.


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