Snail Trails Mugs

Snail Trails Mugs

I love snails. Yes, that's a thing. <3 These are like a little love song to the gastropods that fill my front garden and make me smile.

Hand thrown from a white stoneware clay and embellished with three dimensional snails and printed trails which wrap around each mug. Glazed in a blue celadon and blue rutile combination (with one snail) or a smoky grey celadon and black glitter glaze (with two snails).

Each mug is unique!

Blue: 13 oz capacity / 3.75" tall / 3.75" at it's widest (not including handle)
Grey: 12 oz capacity / 3.5" tall / 4.25" at it's widest (not including handle)

Made with love by Sarah

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